Why name the eroticist “Tokens,” you may ask. Well, it’s actually a funny story. I was sitting in my studio late at night, struggling to come up with an appropriate name for this alluring creature, when I thought of the old trick of opening a bible to a random page in order to predict your future or make a decision. So I did just that, and quite miraculously landed in Deuteronomy in a section appropriately titled “Laws about sexual relationships.

Sensing divine intervention, I read on. Without getting into a lot of detail here, the passage talked about the situation of a man taking a wife and then accusing her of being “shameful” by stating “I did not find in her the tokens of virginity.” At which point the girl’s parents are required to enter the newlyweds’ home and seize the tokens of virginity to righteously display to the city elders. At that point the elders must take the man out and whip him and pay the bride’s father a penalty.

And if the tokens weren’t found? Well, the harlot was to be stoned to death by the menfolk.

Needless to say, our Tokens probably lost her “tokens” long ago, but who better to teach innocent Quadra the dark arts of seduction?

What do you think about her name? Comment below!