Quadra-Blu exalted

My favorite all-time musical artist Gary Numan will be touring the UK this year and has launched a contest inviting fans to submit videos to be played on a screen behind the band during select songs. One of these songs, “This Wreckage,” (from the classic Telekon album) is a dark, monumental rumination on the destructive power of sudden fame…quite an appropriate theme for Quadra-Blu, don’t you think?

This is a still from the video whose production has taken up 150% of my time (along with hard-drive crashes, tax time, teaching, and all those other mundane life events). Which is a long-winded way of apologizing for again failing to launch a new episode of the series on time.

The entry deadline is today, so I promise that once the vid is uploaded I’ll get back on schedule and won’t make you wait another minute to learn what results from Quadra’s disco melee.

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