Self-portrait of artist Lyman DallyFrom Fitness to Wine and Back Again (with some fun detours along the way)

In grade school I was skinny, bullied, and last pick for teams in gym class (tho’ I loved Dodge Ball!) Fortunately, I also loved to draw, and that became my salvation.

Years later, I was again rescued from terminal nerdiness when I learned to lift weights, which opened my artistic eye to anatomical structure, detail, and movement. Since that time, those qualities have influenced my art, whether I’m drawing men, women, or even skeletons!

Over the years, weight lifting has been the source of the major events in my life, both personal and professional. While working as a trainer at a gym, I met the fit woman who would become my wife. And thanks to my skill depicting athletic bodies, I enjoyed a 2+ decade career illustrating the world’s top fitness magazines, including Flex and Muscular Development {Image 1}. Many of you know that during that time I also created the first and longest-running (10 years!) monthly sci-fi comic series starring a genetically-engineered bodybuilder, Max Rep {Image 2}.

Of course, if not for Max Rep, you wouldn’t be reading my bio here right now, because our beloved Quadra-Blu was first introduced to the world in the Max Rep strip {Image 3}. Thanks to the many fans who, unbeknownst to me, kept Quadra alive in the blogosphere for years after she last appeared in print, I was inspired to sharpen my blue pencil and bring her back to life as the rightful star of her own series.

What about the wine, you ask? A discovery of the delicious red stuff many years ago led to a a new passion that consumed much of the focus that bodybuilding once did. My simultaneous discovery of oil painting led me onto an unanticipated fine art path that resulted in my selling some paintings {Image 4}, winning some awards, and even getting a job in a wine store (cut short by my “unusual” sense of humor!). I continue to paint (and drink) whenever I can pull myself away from Quadra.

And the detours? Let’s see, how about an online comic {Image 5} about a laid-off stockbroker forced to move back with his parents? Or commissioned portraits of people’s dead pets {Image 6}? Or my latest adventure, teaching cartooning to 8 year olds (image to come later)?

All in all, it’s been a fun ride so far, with who-knows-what yet to come. I hope you’ll join me!

Any questions? Post them in the comments box below and I might add that info to a future update of this page.