So “the site” was running smoothly, so what was I thinking when I dug into the murky code underbelly and made changes that have now caused chaos throughout? Well, just trying to clean up some links and speed load time to improve the user (that’s you!) experience. Instead I ended up creating hours more technical work for myself, trying to fix things I don’t know how I broke.

So just a warning that you may experience some quirky behavior on the site (e.g., broken links, messed up format, etc.) for the next few hours/days, as I step away from the easel for way too long to try and learn computer stuff I’ve made it ’til now without knowing (or caring about).

Rest assured that no matter what goes wrong under the hood, my top priority is to keep the comic episodes live. Thank you for your patience and hopefully smooth sailing is on the horizon.


PS for Feed Subscribers: The RSS Feed is broken, so keep your eyes on this space for a note when you can subscribe to a new one. In the meantime, why not register now for email updates?